WebSummit, 7th Novembro 2016
2016-11-07 at 20:04


Portugal is «a dynamic country, open to progress, innovation and business», said the Prime Minister, António Costa, during the opening of WebSummit, in Lisbon, adding that one of the Government goals is to create an environment which attracts innovation and investment.

The Prime Minister said that making entrepreneurship a priority «has to be a permanent process which is a challenge to public policies», adding that «this priority allows a renovation of economic players and a sustainable economic growth, with qualified jobs. This is the only way to assure a better way of living to all citizens».

António Costa said that Portugal has to set the goal of creating a good environment to the «continuous experimenting and the availability to take risks».

«The change of ideas that is going to take place in the WebSummit in Lisbon is certainly going to enforce the entrepreneur spirit to improve the conditions to invest and create more companies in Portugal», he said.

«During the WebSummit we want, not only to promote Portugal as a good country to invest, but also to develop our public policies to support entrepreneurship», underlined the Prime Minister.

António Costa add that the WebSummit is also a good opportunity to open doors to new investment partners, to «enlarge the ecosystem» of innovation, «learn with other experiences to have a more friendly ecosystem that attracts investment».

The Prime Minister also said to the participants that he hopes that, «afterwards, they want to come back to Portugal, to work and invest here».


Photo: Prime Minister António Costa with the president of WebSummit, Paddy Cosgrave, in the opening session of the WebSummit 2016, Lisbon, 7th November 2016 (Photo: Miguel A. Lopes/Lusa)