The Assembly of the Republic is the national parliament, and is composed of Members who are elected to represent the country's citizens.

The Portuguese people elect the Members of the Assembly of the Republic to represent them at the national level. This means that although the Members are elected for constituencies, they represent the whole country and not the constituency for which they were individually elected.

Any Portuguese citizen can stand for election to the Assembly of the Republic, but must do so on a list put forward by a political party. The number of seats allocated to each party is proportional to the number of votes it receives in each constituency.

Elections to the Assembly of the Republic take place every four years. However, under certain conditions, which are laid down in the Constitution, the Assembly can be dissolved, in which case elections are held early.

In legislative elections the Portuguese people vote for the party which they feel ought to be called on to form the Government, or which they think will represent them best.


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