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Territorial Cohesion

About Territorial Cohesion

The Minister of Territorial Cohesion formulates, conducts, enforces and assesses the policy on territorial cohesion, local administration, land planning, cities, European territorial cooperation, with a view to reducing territorial inequality and a balanced development of the territory, given the specificities of the country’s areas with low population density and the transborder territories.

You may also refer to the Government Organic Law (in Portuguese only)

Minister of Territorial Cohesion

Adress: Rua Rosa Araújo, n.º 43 – 2.º - 1250-194 Lisboa

Telephone: 210 510 100

Secretary of State for Regional Development

Brigantia EcoPark, Av. Cidade León, 506 - 5300-358 Bragança (sede)

Rua Rosa Araújo, nº 43 –  3º - 1250-194 Lisboa

Secretary of State for Local Administration and Land Planning

Adress: Rua Rosa Araújo, nº 43 –  1º -  1250-194 Lisboa

Telephone: 210 510 120