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2022-04-29 at 18h27

Government delivers National Reforms and Stability Programmes to Brussels

The Government delivered to the European Commission the National Reforms Programme and the Stability Programme today. The latter has been delivered to Parliament on 28 March. 

The aim of these documents is to respond to the major strategic challenges the country faces. The National Reforms Programme for 2022 presents Prime Minister António Costa’s third government’s mid-term strategy for Portugal’s development and sets the Portugal 2030 Strategy agendas, which benefit from the "strategic vision for the economic recovery plan for Portugal 2020-2030". 

The National Reforms Programme for 2022 is structured around four agendas: better demographic balance, greater inclusion, less inequality, digitalisation, innovation and skills as the drivers of development, climate transition and sustainability of resources, and one country competitive externally and cohesive internally.

As for the 2022-2026 Stability Programme, the document defines an economic and social recovery strategy, as well as a convergence strategy with the European Union and a reduction in public debt. To meet the goals of convergence and enhancing work, the Stability Programme has an agenda of reforms and investments within the Recovery and Resilience Plan which foster a greener, more digital, more qualified, and more competitive economy.