Maria Manuel Leitão Marques - Minister of the Presidency and of Administrative Modernisation - Presidency and Administrative Modernisation - XXI Government - Portuguese Republic

Presidency and Administrative Modernisation

Maria Manuel Leitão Marques

Minister of the Presidency and of Administrative Modernisation

Period in office: 2015-11-26 until the current date
Maria Manuel Leitão Marques Maria Manuel Leitão Marques


Maria Manuel Leitão Marques was born in, in Mozambique, in 1952.

Deputy of the Assembly of Republic, she represents Viseu’s constituency (2015).

She graduated in Law and has a PhD in Economics.

She is Professor in Faculdade de Economia da Universidade de Coimbra (since 2003) and permanent researcher of its social studies center (since 1979).

She was Secretary of State for the Administrative Modernization both of the XVIII and XVII Government.

She is vice-president of Association Internationale de Droit Économique since 1993.

Between September 2013 and September/October 2014, she was member of the selection committee from the Bloomberg Philanthropies 2013-2014 Mayors Challenge’s competition.

She was member of High Level Group on Administrative Burdens (advisory group from the European Commission to reduce companies’ administrative burdens, specially the small and medium ones) (2013-14).

She was international consultant of Casa Civil da Presidência da República do Brasil during the «Exchange between European Union and Brazil» project and international consultant of the «Conducting an evaluation of services of the one stop shop» project in Mozambique.

She was Chairman of Observatório do Comércio do Ministério da Economia (1998-2002).

She coordinated several national and international investigation projects related to Economic Law, Competition Law, Sociology of Law and Public Administration. She also spoke in several conferences and published many papers in these areas.

She was non-executive director of Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos (2013-2015).