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Ricardo Mourinho Félix

Secretary of State Assistant and of Finance

Period in office: 2017-02-06 until 2019-10-26


Ricardo Mourinho Félix was born in Setúbal on July 22, 1974. He lived and studied in Setúbal until 1992.

Ricardo moved to Lisbon in 1992 and obtained a degree in Economics at the School of Economics and Management at the Technical University of Lisbon in 1996 with final grade of summa cum laude.Ricardo obtained the degree of Master in Economics at the Nova School of Business and Economics in 2001.

Since 1998, Ricardo developed his professional career in the Economics and Research Department of the Banco de Portugal, where he acted as Head of the Portuguese Economy Division. During this period, he produced intense research on the analysis of macroeconomic impacts of fiscal policy and the economy financing conditions, publishing in journals such as the International Journal of Central Banking and the Journal of Macroeconomics.

From 2000 to 2001, he left the central bank to join the office of Secretary State of Budget.  

From 2001 to 2006, while doing research at the central bank, Ricardo was invited Assistant Professor at the Nova School of Business and Economics.

He is member of the Socialist Party since 1992 and developed intense political activity between 1995 and 2001, namely at local level.

In October 2015, Ricardo left the Banco de Portugal to became Member of Parliament.

From November 2015 to February 2017, was Deputy Minister of Finance and Secretary of State for the Treasury and Finance.

Since February 2017, is Deputy Minister and Secretary of State of Finance.