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2019-09-18 às 18h35

Intervenção do Secretário de Estado Adjunto e das Comunicações na conferência anual da KPMG (inglês)

It is a pleasure to be here with such a distinguished and influent audience of consultants of KPMG.

Decisions from CEOs and politicians are always better when they are qualified by consultant’s expertise and advise.

Some "naîve" politicians and citizens still believe they have the power to decide people’s life. As we know in this room, it is not exactly the case. Indeed, most part of those decisions is given by consultant´s work, your assessment, the benchmark you provide, the risks you anticipate, the predictions you build.

Briefly, companies and governments strategy and decisions would, for sure, be worst without you, even if, most likely, it would be cheaper… Well, except when you deliver tax planning against my colleagues of Finance Minister…Seriously, sounded political decisions request data quality and high-level assessment.

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