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The Prime Minister holds the powers granted by the Portuguese Constitution and the law, and the powers delegated by the Council of Ministers.

Constitutionally, the Prime Minister is tasked with heading the Government’s general policy, coordinating and guiding all of the Ministers’ action, and heading the Government’s functioning and its general relations with other State bodies.

The Prime Minister also heads the country’s European policy, guiding the Portuguese action in the EU’s institutions, coordinating the definition of national positions on EU policies, and formulates and conducts the Public Administration modernisation and digital transition policies.

You may also refer to the Government’s Organic Law (in Portuguese only)


Prime Minister

Rua da Imprensa à Estrela, 4 - 1200-888 Lisboa

Tel.: 213 923 500

Secretary of State for Digitalisation and Administrative Modernisation 

Rua Prof. Gomes Teixeira, 2 – 8º 1399-022 Lisboa

Tel.: 213 927 600

Secretary of State for European Affairs 

Palácio da Cova da Moura, Rua da Cova da Moura, 1 - 1350-115 Lisboa

Tel.: 213 938 300