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Fernando Medina

Minister of Finance

Period in office: 2022-03-30 until 2024-04-02
Fernando Medina Fernando Medina


Fernando Medina was born in Porto in 1973.

He is an economist, with a degree from the Porto School of Economics and a master’s degree in Economic Sociology (SSOAEconómica) from the University of Lisbon’s Institute of Economics and Management.

He was Mayor of Lisbon (2015-2021), Deputy Mayor in charge of Finance (2013-2015) and President of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area (2017-2021).

He was a member of parliament and Vice-President of the Socialist Party’s Parliamentary Group (2011-2013); he was on the Budget and Finance Committee and the Committee to Monitor the Economic and Financial Assistance Programme.

He was Secretary of State for Industry and Development for the Ministry of Economy (2009-2011) and Secretary of State for Employment and Vocational Training for the Ministry of Labour and Social Solidarity (2005-2009).

He was Advisor for Education and Advisor for economic affairs for Prime Minister António Guterres.

He held several posts in bodies and services belonging to the Ministry of Labour, the Ministry of Economy and is currently a permanent staff member of AICEP.

He is a member of the Socialist Party’s Secretariat.