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Infrastructure and Housing

Pedro Nuno Santos

Minister for Infrastructure and Housing

Period in office: 2019-10-26 until 2022-03-30
Pedro Nuno Santos Pedro Nuno Santos


Pedro Nuno Santos was born in São João da Madeira, Aveiro, on April 13, 1977. 

He holds a degree in Economics from ISEG-UTL, an institution in which he was chairman of the RGA Bureau and member of the Senate of the Technical University of Lisbon.

He began to participate in the Socialist Youth at the age of 14 and from 2004 to 2008 he was its Secretary General. During this time he fought vigorously for the legalization of the Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy and helped to launch the public debate over the issue of same-sex marriage. He is now the President of the Socialist district federation of Aveiro. 

He entered Portuguese Parliament in 2005, being a member of the X and XII Legislature. He was vice-president of the Socialist Party Parliamentary Group and coordinator of the socialists in the Commission of Economy and in the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry on the Banco Espírito Santo's resolution.

He defines himself as a Social Democrat and a staunch supporter of understandings among the parties of the Portuguese left. He was the Secretary of State for Parliamentary Affairs in the XXI Portuguese Government (2015-2019), whose main function was to manage the link between the Executive and the leftist parties that support the majority in the Parliament.

He was Minister of Infrastructure and Housing (2019) during the XXI Portuguese Government.

He lives in Lisbon with his wife and has a son, Sebastião.