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2023-12-05 at 12h47

COP28. Portugal at the Climate Change Conference

Portugal wants a just transition i gender issues also

On the gender equality day at COP28, on 4 December, Portugal signed the Commitment Letter – Women 4our Climate manifesto, through the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate, Ana Fontoura Gouveia, a "commitment to actively include women in all stages of environmental policy". 

What will the Azores be doing to become carbon neutral?

The Azorean Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality was presented at the Portuguese pavilion at COP28.

"There is no climate solution that does not include the African continent"

On Saturday, 2 December, the Portuguese version of the Executive Summary of the International Energy Agency "Funding Clean Energy in Africa" Report was presented in the Portuguese Pavilion at COP28, in the presence of the Prime Minister António Costa. 

The planet will probably outlive humanity. But there is no Humanity B

"Oftentimes, we hear there is no planet B. The truth in history is that there was a planet before humanity, and it will probably outlive humanity. What we know for sure is that humanity will not outlive itself and there is no "Humanity B’", António Costa claimed during his speech to the world leaders at COP28 on Saturday, 2 December.

Converting public debt into green investment "benefits the whole of humanity"

On the first day at COP28, the Prime Minister António Costa signed two agreements to convert Cape Verde and São Tomé e Príncipe’s debt into climate funding. "If there’s one thing we acknowledged after COP is that investment is essential in developing countries, the ones that most suffer the impact of climate change yet have contributed the less historically and find it most difficult to make the necessary investments", he stated. 

 Prime Minister at the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference

COP28, an initiative developed by the UN that brings together almost all the world’s countries with a view to adopt measures to fight climate change, opened its doors last Thursday in Dubai.

For the first time, Portugal has its own pavilion with daily programming throughout the event.