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2023-12-02 at 22h07

COP 28: "There is no climate solution that does not include the African continent"

The Prime Minister assured that Portugal is committed to the green and sustainable energy transition, not just in his country but in the world, especially on the African continent.

The Portuguese version of the Executive Summary of the "Funding Clean Energy in Africa" Report by the International Energy Agency was presented on Saturday at the Portuguese Pavilion at COP28 in the presence of the Prime Minister, António Costa, the Ministers of Environment and Foreign Affairs, Duarte Cordeiro and João Gomes Cravinho, and the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate, Ana Fontoura Gouveia.

"According to the report, today in Africa, almost 600 million people do not have access to electricity and around two billion do not have access to clean cooking facilities, thereby contributing to a significant number of premature deaths per year", the Minister of Environment Duarte Cordeiro announced when opening the session. "Giving access to clean energy is essential to supply drinking water, sanitation, healthcare and for providing reliable and efficient lighting, heating systems, cooking facilities, mechanical engineering, transports and telecommunications", he advocated.

The International Energy Agency’s report presents innovative funding solutions to encourage sustainable investment, attract investors, and reduce risks. "We must be in this process together", the Minister claimed. "As the report stresses, true coordination between the various actors in the process, governments, financial development institutions, donors, and the private sector is needed or else we won’t be able to take the necessary leap."

"When at this COP we speak about increasing climate funding, our African partners must be included" said the Prime Minister António Costa during his closing speech at this Saturday afternoon session, "The African continent has 20% of the world’s population, yet it only attracts 3% of energy investment".

"The International Energy Agency’s report is clear as to the need to find innovative solutions to boost funding available to our partners on the African continent. We are pleased to contribute to such solutions", stated the Prime Minister, referring to the agreements for the reconversion of debt in Cape Verde and São Tomé e Príncipe.

The Prime Minister assured that Portugal is "strongly committed" to the transition to clean and sustainable energies, not just in his country but in the world, especially on the African continent. "Global challenges call for global solutions and there will be no solution for the climate that does not include the African continent".