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André Moz Caldas

Secretary of State for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers

Period in office: 2019-10-26 until 2022-03-30


André Moz Caldas was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1982.

He graduated in Law from Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Lisboa (FDUL), where he also got his Master Degree in History of Law (Roman Law). Currently he is developing his PhD thesis in Roman Law at FDUL.

He also graduated in Dentistry from Faculdade de Medicina Dentária da Universidade de Lisboa, where he also got his Master Degree. 

Dentist and Lawyer (with his professional registration voluntary suspended on both Professional Orders due to holding public offices), he is also Invited Assistant at FDUL since 2012.

He was Chairman of the Board of Administration of OPART – Organismo de Produção Artística, E. P. E. (2019)*, Head of Staff to the Minister of Finance of the XXI Government (2015-2019), President of the Junta de Freguesia (Parish Council) of Alvalade, in Lisbon (2013-2018) and member of the General Council of the Universidade de Lisboa (2008-2012).

He is also a published author.

* OPART is the state-owned enterprise that manages the National Opera and Ballet.