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2022-03-09 at 12h36

Government launches Portugal for Ukraine digital platform

Portugal has been following closely the developments in the situation in Ukraine in strict articulation with NATO and EU partners. It has participated in an active way, in solidarity, in the international efforts to support Ukrainian citizens and Portuguese descendants who wish to leave and all others who pick our country as their destination.

To this end, the Government launches today the Portugal for Ukraine platform at, which aims to combine in one place all the answers and initiatives to support displaced Ukrainians, inside and outside Portugal. The dimensions included are international action, sending humanitarian aida, and integration and hosting in Portugal. The website contains information and contacts for assistance concerning travelling to Portugal – transport, documents, employment and training, education, health, and housing.

The platform allows users to view the various initiatives underway by the different Government areas responsible for hosting and integration, making it easy to access information so that users can prepare their travel to Portugal. 

Portugal for Ukraine also has a list of FAQs with general and useful information on coming to Portugal and being hosted by the country, including an automated questionnaire to refer the request to the entity that is best prepared to offer a solution to the problem. 

Content is available in Portuguese and English and will also be available in Ukraine in the following days.

Portugal is willing to host all the displaced Ukrainians who require international protection and arrive on national soil. 

Prime minister