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2021-04-15 at 11h12

Withdrawal of the forces of the Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan from the 1st of MayW

The Ministers of Foreign Affairs and of National Defense participated this Wednesday, along with their NATO homologues, in an extraordinary meeting of the North Atlantic Council where the withdraw of the forces of the Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan from the 1st of May was decided.

Portugal participates in the Alliance’s effort in Afghanistan since 2002, where more than 4500 Portuguese troops have served. This withdrawal concludes an important and long-standing Portuguese contribution to the fight against terrorism.

Important progresses have been made in Afghanistan in terms of stability and security as well as social development, including in particular women's rights and girl’s access to education.

In coordination with Allies, Portugal will adjust the dimension of its future participation, having already decided to maintain the presence of the national Rapid Reaction Force that protects Kabul International Airport, until the end of May, and to continue to contribute with General Staff elements in the command structures until the end of the Resolute Support Mission, as well as maintaining the annual contribution to the fund to support the Afghan National Army until 2024.

Portugal holds its commitment with the international community’s efforts to combat terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, examples of which include our national contributions from the Middle East to the Sahel, from the Horn of Africa to Mozambique.