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2021-11-17 at 10h18

Online application for birth registration extended to all Portuguese residents citizens residing in the European Union

The online application for birth registration is now available for Portuguese citizens residing in the European Union who wish to apply for Portuguese nationality for their children born in an EU country or in the United Kingdom.

This joint initiative of the governmental departments of Foreign Affairs and Justice, which is now extended to Portuguese residents in all EU countries, has been available since December 2020 for the registration of children of Portuguese nationals living in the United Kingdom and France. It is expected that the measure will gradually cover the entire Portuguese community abroad.

Online access to the birth registration is available through the Portal of Justice, and allows parents to request the birth registration of their children, free of charge, without the need of displacement to the Consular Post in the jurisdiction in which they reside.

The request only applies to children under one year of age, children of Portuguese nationals who can proceed to the authentication through the Digital Mobile Key or with a Citizen’s Card, in this case using a card reader and the PIN codes of the address and authentication PIN codes.

Along with other measures, such as the delivery of Citizen’s Cards by post to Portuguese Citizens residing abroad, this measure is also foreseen in the New Consular Management Model, which aims to facilitate the relationship between citizens and the consular network through the dematerialization and simplification of administrative acts.

Foreign Affairs, Justice