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2020-12-17 às 11h29

Secretária de Estado da Valorização do Interior na conferência Demographic Change and Equivalent Living Conditions - Political Strategies in EU Member States

«It is with utmost pleasure that we address this audience in this particular event, in which we have the opportunity to present the Common Crossborder Development Strategy of Portugal and Spain, approved in October 10, in the city of Guarda, Portugal.

The Portugal-Spain border is the oldest in Europe and one of the longest, with 1.234 kilometers. The territories on both sides of the border have developed historic, political, economic, social and cultural dynamics with high similarity, creating the ground to develop stable cooperative relations. 

However, the border has also limited the economic, social and cultural development of both territories, leading to a demographic decrease and weak economic development. The border areas are isolated and distant from the political and economic decision centers, struggling at the same time with the lack of communication and connectivity infrastructures. It is essential to congregate all efforts to encourage the convergence process and eliminate the 'border effect' that has been avoiding the economic, environmental, cultural, social and territorial progress».

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