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2021-04-30 às 19h41

Intervenção do Secretário de Estado da Saúde na conferência 3A's (inglês)

I would like to address you on behalf of Portugal, the country that currently holds the Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Although it was not possible for all of us to meet here in person (a sign of the times I’m afraid), I am sure that the work that has been done here will contribute to learn how to manage better and prevent future situations like this pandemic. A future where meetings like this are only held virtually by choice, and not as the only option.

This past year highlighted the importance of Health, Medicines and Medical Devices in the day-to-day lives of European citizens.

These difficult months have shown us that health challenges aren’t constrained by borders, creeds or flag colors. That is why we need greater knowledge, cooperation and solidarity.

It is now clear and assumed by the entire Society that we need to strengthen our collaboration in the Health area. Health needs to be a priority not only on paper or on our daily speeches, but also in practice. Not only to give our citizens a better quality of life, but also to prepare Europe for future threats that are sure to arise.

Allow me to thank you all for attending this "3A Conference". It was both an honor and a privilege for Portugal to welcome you all during these two days to discuss the challenges that Europe faces regarding the Autonomy, Accessibility and Sustainability of Medicines and Medical Devices.

During these two days, this Conference was an inclusive platform, engaged in a wide reflection and debate, capable of bringing together diverse voices and informed opinions, about the challenges that the Health sector faces and its long-term future.
I dare to say that what we saw here was a "true European Health Union", in what regards the information shared by the participants. What now needs to be done, as the Director-General of WHO said in the opening session, is to intervene in "specific areas where action is needed".

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