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2021-06-16 às 17h04

Intervenção do Ministro das Infraestruturas e da Habitação no lançamento do Inquérito Europeu sobre o Clima de Segurança Ferroviária (inglês)

«We are almost at the end of the first semester of the European Year of Rail, a first semester in which I have had the privilege of presiding to the Transport Minister’s Council.

The Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union has stated from the start that railways would be the focus of our political agenda for transport. 

One of our priorities was to open a wide-ranging debate about the railway sector in Europe, a debate focused on assessing the efficiency of the sector as a whole, its environmental performance and its ability to actually provide the services that are socially and economically relevant.

That debate has been opened and is ongoing, with contributions from European institutions, such as the European Economic and Social Council, the Commission and Council of Ministers itself. Of course, the industry, from workers and citizens have also been putting out their own opinions. The main outtake from the beginning of this debate is that there is controversy, and controversy is good, because it leads to new ideas and new solutions.»

Leia a intervenção na íntegra em anexo.