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2021-06-24 às 18h32

Intervenção do Ministro da Defesa Nacional por ocasião da Pitch Day do NATO Innovation Challenge 2021

«First, let me congratulate the ten finalists in this competition and wish you the best of luck for today’s pitch of your project to NATO. Reaching this stage of the competition already testifies to the quality and relevance of your ideas to NATO.

For the Portuguese Ministry of Defence and for the Portuguese Armed Forces, collaboration with the 2021 NATO Spring Innovation Challenge is a great opportunity. Not only to engage with this stimulating community of experts, but also to showcase what Portugal is doing to promote innovation in defence.

Innovation, of course, may come through technology and equipment, but it can, and should, come through the development of new procedures and new ways of working. Innovation in perspectives and processes is as important as innovation in technology. Open environments, which promote strong civilian and military cooperation will remain critical for this endeavour.

NATO’s commitment to innovation is not new. In fact, the secret of the success and resilience of the Atlantic Alliance over these more than seven decades largely lies in its culture of innovation that has allowed it to adapt successfully to new challenges and threats.»

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