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Histórico XXII Governo - República Portuguesa Voltar para Governo em funções


2021-12-02 às 17h28

Intervenção da Secretária de Estado da Valorização do Interior na conferência «Heading Towards a Greener Mediterranean»

«It is with great satisfaction that Lisbon hosts the HEADING TOWARDS A GREENER MEDITERRANEAN event.

I must say that, as a Portuguese citizen, I am very pleased that this event is taking place in Portugal, under the Portuguese Presidency of the Monitoring Committee.

The European Union has defined the European Ecological Pact – the "Green Deal" – as its top priority. The Interreg programs were given the mission of mobilizing the Strategic Objective. 

A greener, more sustainable, more resilient Europe as their main priority. 

Determined to contribute to making Europe the first carbon-neutral continent, the 14 countries responsible for preparing the programmatic document, which will be presented in January to the European Commission for approval, joined their best efforts.»

Leia a intervenção na íntegra em anexo.