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2021-03-24 às 18h28

Intervenção da Secretária de Estado da Inovação e da Modernização Administrativa no Fórum «Accessible Europe: ICT 4 ALL» (inglês)


Let me begin with a special thanks to ITU and European Commission for the opportunity to host this fantastic event in such a challenging time.

For the last two days, we had the chance to discuss, to hear and learn from each other’s experience, about the role of international players, national governments, public administration and civil society in building more inclusive and cohesive communities.

We debated how strongly COVID-19 impacted our lifes and how to proceed towards recovery in this joint path for digital inclusion and accessibility that we must and will follow together in Europe.

The same Europe where about 80 million people have some disability or special need. And, if we focus on Portugal, there are about 2 million in a population around 10 (million), that is, one fifth of the population.

We cannot ignore these numbers.»

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