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2018-11-07 às 14h52

Intervenção da Ministra da Presidência e Modernização Administrativa na apresentação do Fundo para a Inovação Social

The world is facing complex social challenges.

Some of them are reflected in this Web Summit program, such as migrations or the gender gap.

But all of us know about other challenges such as ageing and loneliness, dementia, long term unemployment, climate change, and so on.

These are challenges for which current solutions and resources are no longer enough.

These are challenges, which require innovative solutions combining different approaches, resources and actors.

In recent years, as we can see around, start-ups have been particularly innovative in developing new services, new products and new business models that have addressed many economic challenges.

It’s now time to also support start-ups to help Governments and the Social Economy to address social challenges such as the ones I mentioned before.

As a matter of fact we need to make social impact a part of business models.


That’s why, within Portugal Social Innovation initiative, today we are launching the Social Innovation Fund.

This a debt and equity instrument to support start-ups and investors that generate social impact.

We want Portugal to become "the-place-to-be" if you’re a social entrepreneur or if you’re a VC [venture capital/capital de risco] looking to invest in these start-ups.