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Fernanda Rodrigues

Secretary of State for Housing

Period in office: 2023-01-04 until 2024-04-02


Fernanda Rodrigues was born in Águeda in 1962. 

She has a degree in Civil Engineering from Coimbra University School of Science and Technology, 1985, a master’s degree in Human Engineering from Minho University in 1999, and a PhD in Civil Engineering from Aveiro University, 2008. 

She has taught at the Aveiro University Civil Engineering Department since 1 October 2001. 

She is director of the integrated master’s degree in Civil Engineering at Aveiro University since 2017 and since 2021 she is also director of the Civil Engineering degree and Civil Engineering master’s degree. 

As part of her PhD she worked for the State in Building Conservation and Cost-Controlled Housing. Index for assessment and methodology for obtaining it.