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Marina Gonçalves

Minister of Housing

Period in office: 2023-01-04 until 2024-04-02
Marina Gonçalves Marina Gonçalves


Marina Gonçalves was born in Caminha in 1988.

She graduated in Law from the University of Porto School of Law and obtained a master’s degree in Administrative Law from the same Law school in 2013. 

She practiced law, first as a trainee lawyer and then as a lawyer, until November 2015, when she took on the post of advisor to the cabinet of the Secretary of State for Parliamentary Affairs. Before becoming Secretary of State, she was also advisor to the Socialist Party Parliamentary Group. 

From March 2018 to October 2019, she was Chief of Cabinet, first in the Cabinet of the Secretary of State for Parliamentary Affairs and then in the Cabinet of the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing. 

From 26 October 2019 she was a member of parliament elected by the Viana do Castelo electoral circle and was on the Labour and Social Security Committee and the Committee on Parliamentary Investigation to the State Operation when granting benefits following the wildfires of 2017 and as a substitute on the Economics, Innovation, Public Works and Housing Committee, and the Budget and Finance Committee. 

She was also Vice-Chair of the Socialist Party Parliamentary Group, where she monitored the areas of housing, labour, and social security.

She was Secretary of State for Housing in Prime Minister António Costa’s second Government.