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2023-09-27 at 17h09

The Global Innovation Index ranks Portugal among the world’s 30 most innovative economies

Portugal has gone up two spots in the  Global Innovation Index (GII) 2023, to 30th place among the 132 global economies. According to the report, the Portuguese economy’s strengths are the national industry’s diversity, the percentage of DP invested in software, and the scientific or technical papers published in the country.

Among the European economies, Portugal performed higher than average in the following categories: Creative Outputs, Human Capital, Research and Institutions. In these areas, Portugal ranked respectively 19th, 23rd e 35th in the global ranking.

As for Infrastructure, it ranks 45th, 42nd when it comes to Market Sophistication, 34th in Business Sophistication, and 32nd in Technology and Knowledge Outputs. 

The Global Innovation Index assesses the world’s economy based on their innovation capabilities, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses, and is published every year by the World Intellectual Property Organization, a UN agency that specialises on the matter. The assessment looks at 80 indicators, from education expenditure and start-up funding to exporting cultural, creative, and technology services. 

For the 13th year running, the top spot is for Switzerland. It is followed by Sweden, the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Finland, Holland, Germany, Denmark, and South Korea.