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2023-09-01 at 10h27

Portugal sent to the European Commission its Priorities for 2024

Notwithstanding the need to concentrate efforts to complete several legislative files that are still ongoing prior to the European Parliament elections in 2024, there are some pressing issues that from Portugal’s perspective require a coordinated European effort in order to strengthen the European Union as a prosperous, modern, and safe house for its citizens. 

Of the 15 proposals sent, we note a European accessible housing initiative, a framework for the resilience of water areas and availability of water (Rewater EU), a permanent crisis response mechanism, a European programme for upskilling workers in the twin transition, a European framework for fire governance and response, a rural digital act for modernising the agricultural sector, and a European strategy for advanced computing. 

As set in the Government’s organisation and functioning, the priorities shown are the outcome of consultations to the various sector areas, the social partners, and other civil society stakeholders. As was the case in 2022, this initiative enables Portugal to have a proactive voice on the European Commission’s legislative agenda for next year.