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2023-11-06 at 19h11

Portugal beats renewable energy generation record

Energy from renewables was greater than the country’s needs for 149 hours

Renewable energy generation in Portugal hit a new peak and was greater than the consumption needs for 149 hours in a row.

This record, according to Redes Energéticas Nacionais (REN), was achieved between 4 am on 31 October and 9 am on 6 November, that is, during more than six days in a row.

In this period 1102 GWh [Gigawatt-hour] were generated, surpassing by 262 GWh the energy consumed in the country during the same period (840 GWh).

The previous renewable energy generation record was 131 hours, in 2019.

Sustainable track

During that period of 149 hours, two more peaks were hit:

The first, from 10 pm on 31 October to 09 am on 6 November, where renewable energy generation was greater than that necessary to supply the entire Portuguese Electricity System (including the pumping needs in hydroelectric basins), without having to resort to conventional thermal generation sources, namely combined cycle natural gas power stations.

The other peak was between 10 am on 1 November and 09 am on the 5th and represents 95 hours in a row where renewable generation was greater than consumption, without having to resort to natural gas combined cycle power stations, with Portugal exporting to Spain, beating the previous record of 52 hours recorded in 2018.

"These important records are proof that Portugal has been on a sustainable track in the progressive incorporation of native renewable sources, keeping the fundamental goals of security of supply and quality of service", REN set down in a statement.