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2023-05-24 at 1h00

Portugal backs elections in Guinea Bissau

Portugal will ship 16 tonnes of electoral material to Guinea Bissau on Tuesday to assist with the elections on 4 June. 

This material is made available under the Electoral Cooperation between Portugal, through the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Home Affairs, and Guinea Bissau, sent via civilian flight, also paid by the Portuguese State. 

    The Portuguese contribution includes voting slips, constituent records, voting sheets, voter lists, minutes for protests and complaints, among other material required for elections, which will be delivered to the Guinean authorities by the Portuguese Ambassador to Bissau.

To this assistance for elections, to the overall sum of 290 thousand euros, Portugal will offer an additional 250-thousand-euro contribution. Both contributions fall under the international efforts undertaken by the United Nations Development Programme (UNPD).

We recall that at the end of 2022, upon request by the Guinean authorities, Portugal sent an additional amount of 5 million euros to the Guinea Bissau General Budget to face the worsening of the international economic and financial setting, with the aim of boosting Portuguese Cooperation in the field of health and education, as well as strengthening democracy, namely through backing elections.

Portugal acknowledges the importance of the elections on the upcoming 4 June in Guinea Bissau for the country’s political life and development.

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