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2023-08-05 at 15h13

D. Francisco de Almeida Frigate strengthens security on the Tagus (video)

Navy vessel is equipped with a helicopter, radars, optical and infrared systems, and has pilots and divers on board

The Navy is lending support to the National Maritime Authority (AMN) on the River Tagus during World Youth Day.

D. Francisco de Almeida frigate is prepared for any intervention as it is equipped with a helicopter, optical and infrared systems, and has pilots and divers on board. In all, around 140 people are on board. 

During these days, the Frigate is also for resting and resupplying the patrol teams. In addition to the Navy assistance, the National Maritime Authority has 251 members assigned to surveillance of the Riverside and beach areas along the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, with 176 elements focused on protection and law enforcement, and 75 focusing on safeguard and rescue.

The Maritime Police strengthened its police patrol and the lifeguard/ sea rescue also been busted, not just along the Tagus banks, but also the coastal area of Cascais and between Costa da Caparica and Fonte da Telha. 

On 5 and 6 August, all navigation will be forbidden in front of the Tejo Park.

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