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2023-09-15 at 11h51

Consulate Service Centre sets up videocall assistance

The Consulate Service Centre (CAC) has a new service available as of Friday 15 September: videocall assistance. This tool is another support service in clarifying queries, as well as the online provision of several public services available on the ePortugal website, which is particularly relevant for Portuguese citizens residing abroad.

Videocall assistance complements the assistance offered by phone or e-mail, making it easier for those who live abroad and find it harder to access the services in-person.

Videocall assistance is made using a form available on the Portuguese Communities Portal, in the area on the Consulate Service Centres, and enables the following: 

• Renewing Citizen’s Card (for Portuguese citizens aged 25 years or more)

• Amending the address on the Citizen’s Card

• Verifying the address on the Citizen’s Card

• Activating the Mobile Digital Key

• Amending the data pertaining to the Mobile Digital Key

• Activating the digital signature for the Mobile Digital Key

• Portuguese criminal record for individuals

• Renewing Portuguese driver’s licence

• Viewing the traffic offenses in Portugal

• Viewing the points on a Portuguese driver’s licence

Set up in 2018, the CAC ensures a more agile contact between public administration and the Portuguese community abroad. It has evolved in terms of coverage, services available, and complements other contact mechanisms the citizens have available, such as the Virtual Consulate, whose first stage began with the 10 June celebrations and enables online access to several consular services.

At this time, the CAC covers eleven countries: Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, France, Italy (including the countries under the jurisdiction of the Portuguese Embassy in Rome’s Consulate: Malta, San Marino, and Albania). 

The evolution of the services enabled by the CAC stems from an agreement between the Directorate-General for Consular Affairs and Portuguese Communities and the Administrative Modernisation Agency.

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