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2023-02-25 at 12h13

"Portugal in the World" roadmap proceeds to Germany

The Secretary of State for the Portuguese Communities, Paulo Cafôfo, will be visiting the Portuguese communities and those of Portuguese descendance in Germany from 27 February to 4 March.

The trip falls under the series of initiatives with the communities abroad for this Government called "Portugal in the World: The Road to Enhancing the Portuguese Communities Abroad" with the aim of strengthening ties, bringing the Portuguese people who reside abroad closer to our country while also contributing to an updated vision of our communities abroad.

On the trip’s agenda we highlight the contact with public service workers and the service offered by the consulates, relations with national authorities and areas where Portuguese people or those of Portuguese descendance are concentrated, as well as getting to know the reality of the Portuguese communities in terms of associations, entrepreneurship, and Portuguese culture and language.

Foreign Affairs