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2023-06-05 at 15h13

New AICEP board in office

The new Board of Directors of the AIECEP, Portugal’s Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade takes office today, for a three year-term.

After meeting the legal formalities, Filipe Santos Costa takes on this Monday the role of Chair of the Agency while Cristina Pucarinho, Luís Rebelo de Sousa, João Noronha Leal, and Isabel Tenreiro become executive members.

The order to appoint the new AICEP Board of Directors will be published in the Government Gazette with effects as of 06 June, and a public session to present the goals for this new term is expected to take place this month.

To the previous Board who end their term today, a word of acknowledgement for the work undertaken over the years, which has greatly contributed to the success of the Portuguese economy’s international expansion.

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