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2023-06-26 at 17h34

European Commission houses Portuguese proposal and suggests the use of the Agricultural Reserve

The European Commission will propose mobilising the Agricultural Reserve under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). For Portugal, this will represent around 11.6 million euros in additional community funding for the farmers affected by climate effects. 

Our country is also authorised to add around 23 million Euros to this amount, that is, up to 200% of the State Budget according to European regulations. 

The Minister of Agriculture and Food Maria do Céu Antunes praised "the Commission’s proposal and sensitivity towards the moment that Europe, especially the Southern countries, is facing. This proposal, which discriminates Portugal, Spain, and Italy positively, manifests our efforts to support national production and mitigate the effect of climate change felt in our territory. Proof of this is the extreme drought we are experiencing and the storms, the heavy rainfall and hail, with devastating effects on some crops and, therefore, income for farmers".

The main recipients of this assistance are the sectors most affected by the drought, as is extensive animal rearing, grains, and beekeeping. 

Agriculture and Food