Decree no. 150 of 30 June 1911

In compliance with the decree of the National Constituent Assembly of the 19th of the current month of June, the following is published for the appropriate implementation:

Article 1. The national Flag is vertically divided into two fundamental colours - dark green and scarlet, with the green on the hoist side. In the centre, and superimposed on the colour boundary, there shall be the national Coat of Arms, rimmed in white and resting on the Manueline armillary sphere in yellow and highlighted in black.

Art. 2. The length of the flag shall be one-and-a-half times the height of the hoist. The dividing line between the two fundamental colours shall be placed in such a way that two fifths of the total length is occupied by the green, and the remaining three fifths by the red. The central emblem shall occupy half the height of the hoist, and shall be equidistant from the upper and lower borders.

Art. 3. On the standards of the different military units shall be embroidered in silk the armillary sphere, in gold, to be surrounded by two sprigs of laurel, also in gold, whose stems shall cross on the lower part of the sphere, linked to one another by a white scroll on which shall be inscribed as an immortal caption, the verse by Camões:Está é a ditosa patria minha amada(This is my beloved happy homeland).

Height of this flag - 1m20.

Length - 1m30

Outer diameter of the sphere - 0m40.

Distance between the diameter of the sphere and the upper border of the flag - 0m35.

Distance between the diameter of the sphere and the lower border of the flag - 0m45.

Art. 4. The border of the jack shall be green and its width shall be equal to one eighth of the hoist. The shield and the armillary sphere shall rest on the central field, which shall be scarlet, and shall be equidistant from the upper and lower borders. The height of the central emblem shall be three sevenths of the hoist. The pennants shall be green and red.

Art. 5. On the seals, coins and other official emblems, the armillary sphere shall always be surrounded by the two laurel sprigs, with their stems linked by a bow, in accordance with the design adopted for the regimental standards.  


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