Ms Adalberto Campos Fernandes (1)
Adalberto Campos Fernandes

Minister of Health

Adalberto Campos Fernandes was born in Lisbon, in 1958.

He has a PhD in Health Administration from Universidade de Lisboa, a Master in Public Health and Health Service Administration from Universidade Nova de Lisboa and graduated in Medicine from Universidade de Lisboa.

Specialized in Public Health, he owns Management Competencies in Public Services and in Pharmaceutical Medicine from Ordem dos Médicos. He has also a post-graduation in Management of Health Units from Universidade Católica Portuguesa and in Senior Management of Health Institutions from IESE Business School.

He is Professor at the National School of Public Health, at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and taugh and coordinated several university institutions in management and health administration.

He was Senior Manager in health institutions such as Hospital de Santa Maria, Hospital Pulido Valente, Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Norte, Hospital de Cascais, SAMS Prestação Integrada de Cuidados de Saúde.

He was member of the work group for the Reform of the Internal Organization of Portuguese Hospitals, of the coordination group of the Health Care Program, which was part of the National Health Plan 2012-2016, of the Trustees’ Council of Academic Center of Medicine of Lisbon, and.of the board of the Association for the Innovation and Development in Health.

He is member of the Foundation to the National Health Service, of the general council of the Portuguese Association for Hospital Development, of the National Academy of Medicine of Portugal, of the general council of Universidade de Évora, and of the board of the College of Management Competencies of Health Services of Ordem dos Médicos.

He is author or co-author of several papers related to administration and management of health services. He is also a member of national and international associations and scientific societies.

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